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Consultation, Coaching and Educational Services

Executive functioning, career and life coaching to be all you were intended to be!


Consultation and Coaching

"Elizabeth is our North Star, she helps guide our path and identify goals and services that will help our children be successful. I don't know what we'd do without her." - CC

Consultation is provided by Elizabeth Cox, MEd. She has a BA in psychology and an MEd in counseling, with post graduate work in behavior analysis and learning disabilities. She has over 30 years experience in the mental health field and specializes in executive functioning and behavior supports. She is also a trained group facilitator for critical skills and can provide interventions that combine cognitive behavioral interventions within a Biblically sound model for clients that desire it. She offers consultation to individuals, families, agencies and schools.

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If your family is in need of academic, behavioral or peer mentor staff, ETS can help.  All staff receive clinical supervision and are selected for their unique ability to see the positive in each client.

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