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Grow with us at the Farm!

Your student's semester of growth will be filled with friends and fun with a quaratine twist! Social, leisure and coping skill acquisition will be embedded in timeless activities such as horsemanship, gardening, swimming, hiking and fishing while maintaining physical distancing and health and safety standards. Campers will have the opportunity to meet regularly with our camp program director to select activities that meet their needs and pique their interests. You will have the opportunity to work with our behavior specialist to set individual goals, and watch your child succeed! Can you imagine how good you student will feel as they manage a horse, catch a fish or grow lettuce?  Your camper can do all of those things and more while maintaining physical distancing and supported by professional staff that will teach them the lifelong skills they need to succeed. They will also learn new online skills to help them continue to maintain friendships virtually and keep socializing even if it's not done in person. During quaratine we need to redefine "social" and keep our community growing and thriving. We can do this!

Community based activities: Leisure and work based skills, developed with each student's interests. Auto repair, construction, boxing, each student helps choose activities and goals are embedded into each day's events.

Physical activities include swimming supervised by two certified life guards, basketball,  a play set, open fields for games, hiking and fishing.

Fees: $4850 for the 2020 fall session. This includes 20 half day sessions, and private consultation with our behavioral therapist.  Partial session fees of $2750 for 10 full day sessions.

Sliding scale for private pay students available upon request. 

Staffing:  Elizabeth Cox, MEd, Behavior Specialist, provides individualized programing to assist each student in reaching their goals. Amy Kearns, a seasoned behavior coach and educator provides student support.   Staff are Michelle P. Waiver providers in KY and Autism Scholarship Providers and SELF waiver providers in Ohio.

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